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Welcome to the AI Enhanced Real Estate Skool Community

We empower real estate professionals with cutting-edge AI tools and proven strategies to elevate your business. Join us and access exclusive benefits designed to accelerate your success and maximize your potential.

Core Membership Benefits

Exclusive Workshops

Gain access to specialized workshops, including the VA workshop.

VA Placement Services

Hire trained VAs for various roles, including admin, lead generation, and ChatGPT integration.

Live Q&A Sessions

Monthly live sessions with industry experts.

Networking Opportunities

Connect with top investors and professionals.

Special Events

Exclusive webinars and events with industry leaders.

Custom AI Solutions

Tailored AI setups for your business.

Additional Membership Perks

Data Enhancement Services

Our advanced data enhancement services are available exclusively to members of the AI Enhanced Real Estate Community. Enhance your existing data or take a free course inside to learn how to pull the data that matters. Check out some of the enhancements below.

LLC Owner's Names & Skip Tracing

Identify and locate LLC owners quickly and accurately. Access hard-to-find contact information.
Starting At: $0.06 per record

Adding Owner's Ages

Obtain age information to better understand ownership profiles. Tailor marketing strategies based on owner demographics.
Starting At: $0.07 per record

Skip Tracing Relatives

Discover relatives and secondary contacts of hot leads. Enhance your outreach with additional contact points.
Starting At: $0.15 per record (Includes up to 3 relatives)

Automated Image Retrieval

Learn to use AI to pull thousands of Google street and satellite images in seconds, cost-effective at less than $0.01 per image, with a $200 monthly credit.
Access this through our free course by engaging in the community or purchase it directly.

Rapid Obituary Check Bot

Verify if owners are deceased and find relatives through obituaries. Ensure you are reaching out to the family that matters most.
Access this service through our free course by engaging in the community, or purchase it directly for immediate use.

Property Distress Indicators

Identify properties with signs of distress, such as neglect or damage, using AI-driven image analysis as well as Google & Yelp Ratings.
Learn to create programs with AI to access data others can't get or explore our DFY Services once inside

Specialized Services for Members

Commercial & Residential Mom-and-Pop Hot Lists - Full Course Access for You and Your VA

Build your own commercial and residential hot list with direct pricing for LLC Skiptracing, adding owners' ages, and Skiptracing relatives and owners. Easy form submission process and a free course on building the list. Plus get access to ChatGPT advanced training on unique data enhancements like images in sheets and more!

Virtual Assistant Training and Support

Hire a VA direct without the expensive hourly management fees and pay them direct with no middle man. Learn how to manage a VA and find them already trained in your niche using ChatGPT's latest version '4o'. Receive training both for you and your VA(s) on our Mom-and-Pop direct to seller systems or even property management. Hire Expert VAs!

Unlock the Power of AI

"Unlock the power of AI to discover distressed leads no one else can find."

"Write code without knowing how to code and gain a competitive edge."

"Automate your real estate processes and save 1000s of hours."

"Access exclusive tools and strategies to outperform your competition."

"Transform your business with cutting-edge AI-driven solutions."



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