Cutting Through the Noise: A Direct-to-Seller Strategy for Genuine Commercial Deals

Sep 20, 2023


Tired of sifting through endless bad deals, dealing with misinformed wholesalers, and overpriced listings from realtors? It's time for a strategic pivot. Go direct to the seller. Here's how to revolutionize your approach and get genuine deals in the commercial real estate market.


Frustrated investor talking over a call with a wholesaler

The Direct-to-Seller Approach: Why It Matters

Going direct to the seller cuts out the middlemen, ensuring that you're in control of the negotiations from start to finish. This strategy not only saves time but also money, eliminating excessive markups and ensuring you get the real value of the property.


The Direct-to-Seller Blueprint

  1. Data Gathering: Use quality data to pinpoint potential properties.
  2. Lead System: Set up a system for consistent lead inflow.
  3. VA Prospecting: Train VAs for outreach and use ChatGPT for complex queries.
  4. Acquisitions: Have a specialist handle offers and follow-ups.

This streamlined approach ensures you're directly connecting with sellers without the needless middlemen.


Supercharging Your Direct Approach with ChatGPT

When your Virtual Assistants (VAs) are in the midst of crucial conversations with sellers, they often face challenging questions. With ChatGPT by their side, they can craft informed, intelligent responses in real-time. This AI-driven tool knows your end goal and guides the conversation in the direction of securing the deal.



Building Your Direct-to-Seller Operation

Starting an operation that focuses on direct-to-seller outreach might seem daunting, but with the right tools and strategy, it's a game-changer. Here's a blueprint on setting it up, from sourcing leads, to crafting the perfect outreach, and successfully closing the deal.



The real estate market is brimming with opportunities, but only for those ready to innovate and adapt. Don't get bogged down with middlemen and overpriced deals. Take control of your destiny by going direct to the seller and utilizing cutting-edge tools like ChatGPT to assist you.


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