The Essential Roles of Virtual Assistants in a Commercial Property Lead Generation System

Jan 21, 2024

By: Evan Votilla, REI Systems Expert


In the dynamic world of real estate investment, particularly in acquiring off-market commercial deals like mobile home parks, storage facilities, apartment complexes, RV parks, and industrial properties, leveraging the power of Virtual Assistants (VAs) can be a game-changer. The key, however, lies in understanding the specific roles and how to effectively integrate them into your business model.

1. Data VA: The Backbone of Lead Generation

  • Role: The Data VA is pivotal in maintaining a steady flow of high-quality, niche-specific data. This role involves diligent work in procuring lists, tracking, and feeding your lead generation system.
  • Responsibilities: Beyond list management, they are tasked with liaising with outsourced teams for skip tracing and ensuring data accuracy. As well as communicating with counties and municipalities for the highest quality direct to source data instead of third party companies.
  • Importance: Without a competent Data VA, you will be stuck pulling the lists that are easy to get to and the ones everyone else is pulling and you will end up being a follow up in someone else's system.

2. Tier 1 VA: The CRM Specialist

  • Role: This VA ensures the cleanliness and efficiency of your CRM system.
  • Responsibilities: They segregate responses (interested vs. not interested), oversee follow-up campaigns, and ensure the smooth functioning of all marketing channels. Additionally, they act as the first line of contact for system issues, coordinating with support teams.
  • Value: Their work keeps your CRM system streamlined and effective, directly impacting lead management efficiency.

3. Tier 2 VA: The Lead Qualifier

  • Role: They specialize in handling and qualifying positive response leads.
  • Responsibilities: Their primary task is to filter leads, ensuring that only motivated seller leads reach the acquisition team. If you don't yet have an acquisitions team then it will be you and believe me, many people want to sell their property for way too much. You want sellers who are motivated and willing to negotiate for a win-win.
  • Impact: As your business scales, the role of Tier 2 VAs becomes increasingly vital in managing the growing volume of prospects and ensuring quality leads. As you close deals, add more Tier 2 VAs to increase the number of offers you are making.

Additional VA Roles:

  • Admin and Management: Admin VAs are great if you consider yourself a busy business owner. They can help lead the other VAs ad be the main point of contact for them that way you are not bothered by every little thing.
  • Dispositions and Relationship: Depending on your exit strategies, whether wholesaling or raising money, Disposition VAs can be great for collecting emails, vetting prospects, and lining up appointments on your calendar.


Training and Leadership:

Remember, the effectiveness of a VA depends heavily on proper training and leadership. Being clear and direct in your expectations and processes is crucial.

Cost vs. ROI:

Investing in VAs, with rates ranging from $4 to $10 per hour (or more for higher expertise), can significantly reduce operational costs and enhance direct seller negotiations, leading to substantial ROI.


Incorporating these VA roles into your real estate investment business is not just about delegation; it's about strategic empowerment. By identifying and nurturing these key positions, you pave the way for streamlined operations, quality lead generation, and ultimately, business growth.

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